Creating capacity and bettering lives in our communities

First West believes in supporting local non-profit and charitable organizations that serve the most vulnerable, which is why we've invested more than $24.7 million into our communities since First West's inception in 2010. We create capacity in the social sector by leveraging our financial strength and our social vision, Lead Well. Through Lead Well, employees volunteer their knowledge and skills to help our communities thrive.

509 employee leaders

Our employees applied their leadership abilities and professional skills to create capacity for local charities.

2,447 days volunteered

First West employees spent 18,349 hours helping those in need and building local communities. 9,106 hours were given during work hours, with another 9,332 hours given after work.

68 Automated External Defibrillators

In partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, we reaffirmed our commitment to a healthier workplace by providing employees life-saving training on AEDs we’ve installed at every First West branch and regional office.

118 projects, 1,480 hours

Our Make a Difference Days encourages employees to volunteer in their communities with local non-profit agencies. Since 2007, our employees have proudly volunteered 12,416 hours with 715 projects for local non-profit agencies.

I’m thrilled that I’m able to use my financial expertise, leadership skills and network to make a difference for kids in need.
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Kevin Lehman, Branch Manager, Envision Financial division and Director, Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society

10,246,410 meals for those in need

Since inception, Feed The Valley and The Full Cupboard—our signature cause programs to raise food, funds and awareness for local food banks—has raised $3,415,470 and collected 193,193 pounds of food for local food banks. In 2019 alone, our divisional brands raised $546,846, equivalent to 1,640,538 meals, and 21,515 pounds of food.

Learn more about our signature cause programs at Envision Financial, Valley First and Enderby & District Financial, and Island Savings.

$330,500 contributed to the non-profit sector because of volunteerism

We launched our award-winning Simple Generosity program in 2017 to celebrate community leadership. Through our volunteer awards and neighbourhood grants, we recognize local volunteers and support non-profit organizations and charities to build stronger and more connected communities.

Learn more about Simple Generosity at Envision Financial, Valley First and Enderby & District Financial, and Island Savings.

Our grant-making charity has been working to create resilient and resourceful communities since 1996

By working in partnership with local organizations, First West Foundation seeks to actively contribute to meaningful projects that make a positive and lasting impact upon community life. It enriches communities through effective grant-making, encourages philanthropy and re-enforces First West’s commitment to its communities.

$580,317 granted

Support from the Foundation’s 15 endowments and charitable giving campaign contributed to building capacity in our communities in 2019.

$68,913 donated

In 2019, our employees supported Foundation endowments, local United Ways, our Feed the Valley and The Full Cupboard programs and key partner charities in our communities.

52 local charities

Support from the First West Foundation helped scores of local charities deliver programs and services to help build community resilience and resourcefulness in 2019.

YWCA Metro Vancouver is so grateful for First West Foundation’s generous support of our Single Mothers’ Support Groups. In these weekly group meetings, women are able talk about the challenges they face in a safe and supportive space, build meaningful connections with other single mothers, learn skills and gain valuable tools to pursue their goals and build better futures for their families.
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Janice Lee, Manager of YWCA Metro Vancouver Single Mothers' Services