We work big and act local

The benefits members enjoy—low or no-cost daily account products, competitive lending facilities, segment-tailored service and innovative online and digital experiences—are made possible by our capacity, financial strength and local approach to service, and effectively marketed through our trusted divisional brands.

Future innovation

Life isn’t static and neither are the financial needs of members. That’s why we invest heavily in re-imagining the banking experience and creating new ways to serve members through innovation and technology. Whether it’s improving our online accessibility, introducing new product options or streamlining internal processes for better advisory service in our branches—we’re doing things differently to create remarkable experiences.

Stability and diversification

Our geographic reach—spanning Southern B.C. and reaching to Kitimat in the north—decreases economic risks and increases resiliency. Diversified revenue streams, like our wealth management and junior capital businesses, produce greater income stability.

The power of local

We believe financial service is best when it’s local. Our local-market approach helps us provide service and advice that’s built on real relationships while meeting the needs of those who live and work in our communities. Through our locally known brands, we provide personalized expert advice, innovative financial products and services, and common-sense decision making to more than 250,000 members.

Savings and efficiency

Our size and financial strength allow us to work more efficiently and save on operational costs. We benefit from a back office of talented business professionals who support our local brands with expertise in finance and accounting, risk management, Lean methodology and continuous improvement, brand and marketing, business intelligence, sales and member experience, communications, human resources, information technology and more.