David Letkemann

David Letkemann was elected to the credit union board in 2006 and currently serves as vice-chair. David’s current committee responsibilities include serving as chair of the Governance and Nominations Committee, as vice-chair of the Risk, Investment and Loan Committee and as a member of the Government Relations and Partnership Committee.

David graduated from law school and holds a bachelor of business administration with a double concentration in marketing and finance.

David is a lawyer and partner at Linley Welwood LLP, a law firm specializing in business law, located in Abbotsford, B.C. David leads Linley Welwood’s litigation department and regularly oversees all aspects of the litigation process. In 2010, David played a key role in a merger that led to the creation of Linley Welwood LLP. David approaches all board meetings and discussions with his strong legal sense and leans on his 22 years of experience to provide meaningful insight and guidance.

In addition to his service on various board committees, David has been involved in numerous credit union mergers and acquisitions, including:

  • Member of the credit union board that negotiated the merger of Envision Credit Union and Valley First Credit Union to form First West Credit Union in 2010
  • Member of the credit union board that led negotiations for First West to acquire Enderby & District Credit Union in 2013
  • Member of the credit union board that led negotiations for First West to acquire Island Savings Credit Union in 2015

David’s key board competencies include law, board governance and business growth and transformation.

In addition to his work at Linley Welwood LLP and First West, David is a founding director of both the Run for Water Society and the Run for Water Foundation. He currently still serves on both of those boards.