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September 15, 2016 - Shalane Wellard - in Leadership
The little ones are key to some of our greatest relationships
September 15, 2016 - - in Strategy
Are we doing enough?
August 23, 2016 - Loree Gray - in Strategy
Tapping in to the organization’s valuable resource to power efficiency, sustainability
August 2, 2016 - - in Model
Joining First West sees Island Savings buck the troubling trend of flatlining membership after joining First West Credit Union
July 29, 2016 - - in Leadership
My experience as a National Young Leader Award finalist
July 28, 2016 - - in People
First West’s Lisa Verwolf reflects on hosting credit union leader from Ghana

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The little ones are key to some of our greatest relationships

Some of my favourite interactions with members are often with the members who have the sticky fingers, wild imaginations and are barely tall enough to clear the service counter. Our junior members are fascinating to me for so many reasons—not to mention that you never know what they are going to say. When I set up accounts for kids, I usually ask them what they would do if they had all the money in...


The importance of educating and raising our children to be financially savvy can’t be understated—the future financial health of the country depends on it. To that end, First West Credit Union took the pulse of parents across the province to determine their beliefs and behaviours regarding the financial literacy of their children. The results were illuminating.


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A couple of years ago, First West Insurance made the decision to move from four disparate insurance broker management platforms to a unified state-of-the-art system from Applied Systems. To say...