Frequently Asked Questions

Is First West and its divisional brands still hiring through the COVID-19 situation?

Yes, we are actively recruiting for roles across our credit union. Because of COVID-19 however, the start date for new employees could be impacted.

Will my interview take place in person or online?

At this time we’re using digital platforms for video conferencing and conducting telephone interviews, as opposed to holding interviews in person.

Are the positions you’re hiring for required to work out of a branch or office location, or can I work from home?

We encourage and support employees whose responsibilities can be accomplished remotely to work from home. However, for certain positions, employees are required to work out of one of our business locations—these instances are clearly outlined in job posting details. Because the health and safety of our employees and members is our top priority, we’re taking proactive measures to ensure everyone working in a branch or office location is optimally protected.

How will I be trained or onboarded into the organization if I’m working remotely from home?

When you begin your employment with First West, you’ll participate in our virtual onboarding program which includes e-learnings and remote training experiences with your performance leader and colleagues. Throughout your employment, we also use tools that help you stay connected and engaged in a supportive work environment.

Where can I learn more about First West’s response to COVID-19?

Learn about what we’re doing to support members and communities at our COVID-19 resource centres:

How do you recommend I prepare for my video or telephone interview?

The following tips can help to guide you before, during, and after your remote interview.

  • Test your technology. If you will be video conferencing, make sure your internet connection and video conferencing program are functioning properly prior to your interview.
  • Dress appropriately. Dressing for success is just as important for remote interviews. Dress smartly, like you would for an in-person interview, and ensure your surroundings are tidy.
  • Do your homework. Prepare just as you would for any other interview. Rehearse your response to key interview questions and prepare your own questions for the interviewer.
  • Be personable. Engage with the interviewer to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. Make eye contact if video calling by looking at your camera and not the screen.
  • Remove distractions. Ensure you’re fully engaged with the interviewer by removing all distractions, including your cell phone which should be turned to silent.
  • Adjust your lighting. Avoid heavy shadows and ensure it’s not too bright.
  • Have a PDF of your resume readily available. The hiring manager may ask you to share it via video conference.
  • Don’t panic if technology fails. Remain calm, friendly and make sure you have the hiring manager’s email address or phone number on-hand, so you can contact them in case you’re not able to reconnect online.
  • Close other programs on your computer. Notifications from other programs can be distracting and unprofessional.
  • Follow up after the interview. Just as you would after an in-person interview, send a follow-up note to your interviewer, thanking them for their time.