Working together to create a culture where employees can thrive

We believe in giving employees opportunities to grow professionally and lead in our communities. Our passion for helping employees develop their potential generates meaningful career and volunteering opportunities and produces capable, well-rounded leaders.

More than 50,000 hours dedicated to training every year

Our award-winning certification programs support employees in member-facing roles by providing the knowledge and on-the-job experience they need to be successful. Our commitment to employee development means we’re regularly updating courses to remain relevant, using multiple modes of learning and incorporating employee feedback to improve effectiveness.

We’re constantly seeking ways to enhance the experience of employees

51% internal hires

Employees were the successful candidates for more than half of all internal and external career opportunities—nearly double the industry benchmark of 26%.

1,100+ hours of "just-in-time" training

We continued to grow employee learning options in 2021 through a bite-sized, “just-in-time” training approach supported by LinkedIn™ Learning, where employees completed over 1,000 courses, 21,000 learning videos, and more than 1,100 hours of training at the optimal moment to enable immediate application

48 "Leader as Coach" graduates

As part of our commitment to invest in employees, we launched an extensive, internally developed coaching program to build our leadership bench strength and support current and emerging leaders.

3,200 hours of community leadership

Our employees applied leadership and professional skills to create capacity for more than 40 B.C.-based non-profit and charitable organizations.

Transforming financial service through enterprise agility

Since 2020, we’ve trained more than 100 employees in Agile method and stood up 10 Agile squads to create value for members faster than ever before.

Strengthening our commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity

Our employees have built and continue to drive six network groups focused on improving representation and providing a safe space for employees to share diverse ideas and perspectives.