Working together to create a culture where employees can thrive

We believe in giving employees opportunities to grow professionally and lead in our communities. Our passion for helping employees develop their potential generates meaningful career and volunteering opportunities and produces capable, well-rounded leaders.

More than 50,000 hours dedicated to training every year

Our award-winning certification programs support employees in banking-related roles by providing the knowledge and on-the-job experience they need to be successful. Our commitment to employee development means we’re regularly updating courses to remain relevant, using multiple modes of learning and incorporating employee feedback to improve effectiveness.

We’re constantly seeking ways to enhance the experience of employees

379 growth opportunities

As part of our commitment to invest in our people, 129 employees attained new roles of similar responsibility and 250 employees were promoted into roles with greater responsibility.

2,200+ employee responses

We created new opportunities to listen continuously to our employees. This feedback informed changes to internal programs and helped to enhance our employee experience overall.

54% internal hires

Employees were the successful candidates for more than half of all internal and external career opportunities—more than double the industry benchmark of 25%.

2,447 days volunteered

Employees spent 18,349 hours helping those in need and building our communities. Of this, 9,332 hours were donated outside of business hours.

15% of all performance leaders are under 35

In 2019 we nurtured young talent by welcoming 36 emerging leaders to our annual Leader’s Summit. Eight young leaders were chosen to attend the B.C. Young Leaders Conference and two were selected to attend the CCUA and Next Gen Conference. We also launched the First West Young Leaders, an internal resource group for employees age 40 and under.

2,694 employees have participated in 60,340 hours of Lean training

Since 2011, we’ve used Lean principles to engage everyone within our organization to be solution creators—not just a select few. In 2019 we dedicated 6,182 hours to Lean training, resulting in 221 employees reaching new levels of Lean certification.

Healthy workplaces bring out the best in everyone

Creating a healthy, vibrant and inclusive workplace is a top priority for us. We believe in creating environments in which everyone can thrive, enabling positive mental health, igniting innovation, inspiring performance and creating opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.