Paul Leppky

When technology may be the answer, Paul Leppky is the person to ask.

As senior manager of innovative solutions, Paul is at the forefront of providing First West's financial products and services to members through digital channels. For more than fifteen years he has held progressive roles at the credit union where he has collected insights into all area of business. With this knowledge, Paul works with the marketing team to deliver smart, simple advancements that enhance member relationships.

"In my role, I get to work with dedicated teams of people whose mission is finding and delivering the best, safest advantages that financial innovation can and will offer."

Diversity also extends to Paul's education and credentials. He is an alumnus of the University of British Columbia in the study of management development, the University of the Fraser Valley with a BBA in Business, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the field of computer science. He is also a certified green belt in Lean methodologies.

Outside the office, Paul has a unique collection of community and personal interests. He is a long-standing trustee on the board of Clearbrook Waterworks District, a lauded bass guitarist (to those who have had the pleasure of hearing him) and frequent participant in many product and technology events and discussions.

Featured Posts

August 21, 2017

Here’s an astonishing fact: it took the telephone 75 years to reach the same number of users as Facebook reached in just three and a half years. Seems fast? Only a few years later the Angry Birds game app reached that same number of users in just 35 days.

Do you get excited for the future when you read things like this? Or scared? Are you awestruck or intimidated by technology? All of the above? Whatever your reaction, there’s no denying that...